Born and Raised: A Documentary

Several months ago, before Reel 9 Productions was formed, the three principal members began development of Born & Raised, a documentary on the changes that South Philadelphia has undergone in the last 80 years. Born & Raised follows three members of the Dattilo family, Italian-Americans who grew up largely in South Philly while several members were raised in the Dante School, an Italian-American orphanage and boarding school in Concordville, Pennsylvania.

While the filming has been rewarding in numerous ways, it has also provided us a realistic experience with the difficulties of producing a quality documentary.  Scheduling filming, harsh Winter snow storms, illness, and other obstacles have provided routine delays.  We had hoped to have all footage shot by February but estimates now place it closer to April.  Editing should take 6-8 weeks, and we expect an early Summer screening and premiere.