Number 9 wins award at Accolade Competition!!

We wanted to share with you the press release for the award we won!


Philadelphia, PA, 4/12/10 – Erin Davis and Nathan Edmondson, of Reel 9 Productions, have won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Accolade Competition. The award was given for their exciting short film, Number 9, their first production together.  Erin and Nathan shot Number 9 at Eastern State Penitentiary in two days, with a budget of $500 and no additional crew save Andrew Alburn who composed the stunning score. Continue reading


Assembling a Story

The majority of interviews for Born & Raised are finished, so I have started the process of reviewing the video to

  1. document what we have,
  2. see what we still need, and most importantly
  3. start to assemble a story out of the material.

The last task is the most daunting, as I am very much a story-driven writer and am admittedly having difficulty determining the best way to share the story. Continue reading