The Way to Kevin receives Gold Award!!

Nathan and Erin traveled to San Diego last night to accept the Gold Award for the Documentary Film Competition at the California Film Awards.  The event was held at the Bahia Resort Hotel, right on the Pacific Ocean.  There were about 100 other filmmakers, cast, crew, and supporters there from all over the world, representing Japan, Netherlands, England, Russia, Korea and many more.  People flew in from all over the country as well to receive this honor.  Each winner gave a brief acceptance speech and we all enjoyed a delicious dinner and champagne.  The only way this night could have been better is if our awesome crew, Eric Zrinsky and Jim Datiilo, and of course our fascinating subject, Kevin Mines, could have been there too.  Congratulations to everyone involved in the project.  This is hopefully the first of many to come!  Enjoy our photos below!

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