Cinedelphia screens “The Way to Kevin”


We were contacted a few months ago by Eric Bresler (festival founder) about screening our documentary in this brand new “Philly-centric” film festival by Cinedelphia: “24 days, 40 programs, all Philly film-related.  Cuz Philly film is more than just ROCKY.”  We were sold!  Reel 9 got it’s start in Philadelphia we have individually spent at least 10 years in this great city.  Our film, as you may know, fit in well under this theme given its deep roots in Philly.  This was the first year for this festival and it was very successful.   There were a great lineup of films, a solid turnout, and a lot of community support.

Our screening was at PhilaMoca, which is a great intimate space right off of Spring Garden St. near Fairmount.  We filled every seat in the house with friends, family, and some new faces as well.  We were really pleased with the audience  reactions: people laughed when they were supposed to, sat very still with eyes locked on the screen in the darker moments, and even some tears may have been shed.  This project was a roller coaster, not only for the filmmakers during shooting and editing, or for Kevin who bravely put his life out on the table for the world to see, but for the audience who experienced an extremely raw, and visceral look into a very unique lifestyle.

We are extremely grateful to all that came out, and everyone who traveled from Atlanta, Scranton, Pittsburgh and all over to support us.  The Q&A was moderated by Jacob Winterstein (also host of the popular Poetry Slam.)  He did an excellent job coming up with insightful questions for us and keeping it light and funny.  The festival overall was very well run and professional and we were honored to take part!  Here’s to many more years to come!

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