Like Funny Horror Films? See BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS Now!

This past weekend marked the theatrical (and VOD) release of the horror comedy film BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, directed by this great guy we know Brain James O’Connell.

We had the chance to check out the LA premiere with a few friends.  Here’s our reaction:

Bloodsucking Bastards LA Premiere

Two thumbs up people.  Three thumbs including our friend taking the picture (and a ton more thumbs based on the enthusiasm of the rest of the audience… so don’t think we liked it just because we know the director).

BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS is a delightful mashup of Shaun of the Dead and Office Space; but instead of battling zombies, the foe of the day is vampires.  This is true independent film-making at it’s funniest (not some ‘independent’ film produced by a major studio) with moments of workplace and vampire-slaying hilarity that catches you off-guard and makes you giddy with gory, blood-soaked satisfaction.

The film is the brainchild of the Los Angeles based improv troupe Dr. God, whose 5 members (Sean Cowhig, Neil Garguilo, Dave Park, Justin Ware, and yes, Brain James O’Connell) all appear in the film in equally fun roles. Not only that, Dr. God shares writing credit with screenwriter Ryan Mitts.  Pretty darn cool to see an improv troupe making a movie.

Check out the BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS website so you can find the theater nearest you. Or enjoy this fun film from your couch as you plan your decadent Halloween Party.

Dr. God has plenty more in store for the future, and you can even catch our friend Brian making a cameo appearance in our soon-to-be released comedy travel show Total Trip Domination: You Edition.


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