‘Yes, And I Do!’ selected for 4th Annual Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival!


We’re pleased to announce that our comedic short film, “Yes And I Do!” has been accepted into the 4th Annual Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival and will premiere on Thursday March 10th, at 7pm in the Del Close Theater at iO West 6366 Hollywood Blvd. Tickets are $5.


Of the several films in Thursday night’s competition, 3 will be selected by audience vote to advance to the Championship on Saturday, March 12th at 7pm where the audience’s vote, as well as special guest judges’s vote, will determine the winner.  The champions will have their video posted on iO West’s YouTube page and their video forwarded to a select group of literary and comedy agents!

Last year, our video ‘Vandalismo’ received a stellar audience reaction that warmed our hearts. But alas, we didn’t have the numbers to advance the film into the Championship. Hopefully, this year, “Yes And I Do!” will go all the way!  We’d love to have you join us to help send our video to the top of the competition!

Unimaginary Friend presents “Yes And I Do!” Written by David Monster, Produced by Erin Marie Davis, Directed by Nathan Edmondson and David Monster, Director of Photography – Giles Andrews, Editing, Sound Design, Graphics – Erin Marie Davis.

Starring – Erin Marie Davis, Brittney Timmons and Nathan Edmondson.

Mixed Nuts Cast – Brian James O’Connell, Rob Gentile, Brendan Kennedy, J. P. Boudwin, Shannon Brown, Michael Tomasetti, Robin Kapustin, Stephanie Drejerwski, Kaitlin Thompson, Chris Calletta, Andrew Stanton, Xchel Hernandez, Charles Rosen, and Jen Curcio

Giving Back Through Photography

ErinDavis_SAVEART_Submissions (7 of 19)

For the last several weeks, Reel 9’s Erin Marie Davis has been saving her Tuesday evenings to share her love and knowledge of photography with teenage girls through the Las Fotos Project in east Los Angeles.

Founded in 2010 by LA-based photographer, Eric V. Ibarra, Las Fotos Project aims to build the self-esteem and confidence of their young, female participants by teaching them all the ins and outs of using a point and shoot camera.

The specific program that Erin has been leading is entitled Esta Soy Yo, This Is Me. The girls are asked to take photos that represent what Home means to each of them individually and the issues and challenges that face their communities. The program will culminate in a photography exhibit on December 12th, location TBD.

On November 7th, Erin and her class were invited, along with group of professional photographers, to participate in a photo walk through downtown LA hosted by SaveArt in collaboration with Will Nichols and Highsnobiety. The walk was led by a local historian and each photographer was invited to capture his or her point of view of the city and its unique art and architecture.

SAVEART_Exhibit (1 of 12)SAVEART_Exhibit (3 of 12)

At the end of the day, around 100 photos were selected for the Picture the City exhibit at the Timothy Hogan Projects in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station.  Six of Erin’s photos made it into the final selection (three pictured below). All the prints are available for sale and the proceeds will be donated to Las Fotos.

ErinDavis_SAVEART_Submissions (18 of 19)ErinDavis_SAVEART_Submissions (3 of 19)ErinDavis_SAVEART_Submissions (6 of 19)

Video Production Workshop by Reel 9

Erin Davis and Nathan Edmondson

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be teaching our video production workshop, Making your Sketch Videos Great, in collaboration with Steel City Improv Theater on October 4th in Pittsburgh, PA.   Check out a full description of the workshop HERE.

We’ll be covering everything from brainstorming ideas to what you need to know to produce and distribute your amazing work on a budget.

Nathan will also be teaching an Improv Workshop, Your Body on Stage.

Like Funny Horror Films? See BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS Now!

This past weekend marked the theatrical (and VOD) release of the horror comedy film BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, directed by this great guy we know Brain James O’Connell.

We had the chance to check out the LA premiere with a few friends.  Here’s our reaction:

Bloodsucking Bastards LA Premiere

Two thumbs up people.  Three thumbs including our friend taking the picture (and a ton more thumbs based on the enthusiasm of the rest of the audience… so don’t think we liked it just because we know the director).

BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS is a delightful mashup of Shaun of the Dead and Office Space; but instead of battling zombies, the foe of the day is vampires.  This is true independent film-making at it’s funniest (not some ‘independent’ film produced by a major studio) with moments of workplace and vampire-slaying hilarity that catches you off-guard and makes you giddy with gory, blood-soaked satisfaction.

The film is the brainchild of the Los Angeles based improv troupe Dr. God, whose 5 members (Sean Cowhig, Neil Garguilo, Dave Park, Justin Ware, and yes, Brain James O’Connell) all appear in the film in equally fun roles. Not only that, Dr. God shares writing credit with screenwriter Ryan Mitts.  Pretty darn cool to see an improv troupe making a movie.

Check out the BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS website so you can find the theater nearest you. Or enjoy this fun film from your couch as you plan your decadent Halloween Party.

Dr. God has plenty more in store for the future, and you can even catch our friend Brian making a cameo appearance in our soon-to-be released comedy travel show Total Trip Domination: You Edition.

‘Vandalismo’ Accepted in Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival!

Reel 9 Productions is pleased to announce that our short film, ‘Vandalismo,’ has been selected for the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival at the iO West Theater in Hollywood! The festival runs March 22nd-28th, 2015. Our film will be screening in the Del Close Theater on Tuesday, March 24th at 7pm.

Unimaginary Friend

‘Vandalismo’ was inspired by a short, electronic music track reminiscent of video game scores from the 80s and 90s by Eric Zrinsky, Reel 9’s Director of Audio and Design.

Erin Davis and Nathan Edmondson recognized that the song would serve nicely as a starting point for a project under their off-beat, sketch-improv comedy/short filmmaking project Unimaginary Friend. The result is a fun, heart-warming tale of two outcasts from different sides of the country searching for companionship and mutual understanding.

Reel 9 Productions cordially invites you to attend the screening of ‘Vandalismo’ with Erin and Nathan.

Erin Davis and Nathan Edmondson

Tickets can be order by email from laintern@ioimprov or by calling iO West at 323-962-7560.

‘The Crack’ in The Other Venice Film Festival October 11th!

crack 2

Our short film, ‘The Crack,’ is competing in the Experimental Short Film Category at the 11th Annual Other Venice Film Festival on Saturday, October 11th at 1pm. Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased here (keep scrolling we’re more than half way down the page). Tickets are for our film plus the other seven experimental short films in competition. Come out and support independent film! Continue reading

‘The Way to Kevin’ – Lots of Love from Mexico! A Recap of the MICGenero Film Festival

MICGenero Film Festival- Mexico City Trip (13 of 21)

Being cornered after a screening and told your film must be seen by everyone is a good experience.This past week, our documentary film, ‘The Way to Kevin’ had two screenings at the MICGenero Film Festival in Mexico City. As filmmakers, we always held the view that Kevin’s story is one that everyone should see. Having our desire mirrored by audiences in another country is a testament to the universal messages within Kevin’s journey. Continue reading

‘The Way to Kevin’ – The Last Push for Film Festivals

movie poster

It’s hard to believe, but our journey making ‘The Way to Kevin’ started way back in 2010 when Kevin invited us to film one of his Mime Performances at a church in North Philadelphia. We didn’t know what to expect heading into that evening but came out knowing that we needed to make a documentary about this sweet young man who described himself as a Minister, a Mime, and a Gay Porn Star. Surprisingly, the experience that lay ahead exceeded the expectations set by that compelling combination of labels. Continue reading


Unimaginary Friend is a sketch-improv comedy/short filmmaker duo comprised of Nathan Edmondson and Erin Marie Davis. UF was spawned from the desire to CREATE over-the-top comedy outside of Reel 9 and see how far we could go with no money, no resources, and no crew.  Erin & Nathan write, produce, direct, star in, shoot, and edit all of their own videos.   This has been a really fun challenge that we are constantly learning and growing from as creatives, filmmakers, and comedians.  Please enjoy our latest video challenge using live action stop motion.   Amazing original song by Eric Zrinsky.  If you like, visit Unimaginaryfriend.com to see more videos!

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/102433580 w=500&h=281]

If You Like It, Share It

Reel 9 Productions was mentioned in this great blog by Philadelphia’s own, Jo Pincushion.  Read the article below and watch our video!  Most importantly of all: SHARE IT!


“If you like it, share it.”

This is something I’ve been saying to myself a lot lately.  I’ve created a lot of content over the past few years.  It’s always nice to hear people say they enjoyed reading a blog post or watching my last episode of Creepy Basement. When people genuinely enjoy the things I create, it makes all the hard work worth it.  I’ve invested a lot of time, money, and heartache into everything I do and I know there are a lot of people in Philadelphia doing the same.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article.