Kickstarter Launched!

Reel 9’s feature documentary “The Way to Kevin” is set and ready to go out to festivals.  Support our cause by checking out our new Kickstarter.  Here you can view the trailer, photos, poster, and listen to the soundtrack.  And of course…donate!


Funny or Die!

Reel 9 finally got on the bandwagon and joined!

You can find us here:

Stay tuned for lots of fun shorts and don’t forget to vote FUNNY!!!

Meat Man: The Movie! Screening date set!

We will officially be screening Meat Man: The Movie on September 18th, at 6pm.

Location: Urban Saloon (back room) 2120 Fairmount Avenue  Philadelphia, PA 19130-2603

Come by 5pm and get food and drinks (food is awesome there).

The film will start by 6pm followed by a Q & A from the cast and crew. Hang with us after and watch the Eagles game!

Should be a great night, so please come, bring your friends and family and prepare to LAUGH!  All are welcome!  It’s a lot of fun!

Meat Man: The Musical! It’s finally here!


The great meat-eating town of Unwillington prides itself on it’s annual celebration of meat: The Carnivore’s Carnival.  The local door-to-door meat salesman, Meat Man, is the town’s great pride and joy.  Violent Violet, a sassy punk rocker, is the leader of the vegan activist party and she is the first to move in to the meat-centric neighborhood to upset the balance.  The townspeople are outraged, but Meat Man believes he can sway her from her vegan ways.  What he encounters is unlike anything he has ever experienced before, including Sheena, who is hell bent on destroying him in order to win over Violent Violet’s heart.

The musical numbers are what we are most excited about!  The genres range from Broadway musical, doo wop, rock, punk, love ballads, and even hip hop!  There is definitely something for everyone in all 12 numbers!  We have a ton of surprises lined up, especially with costumes!  We even have audience participation planned throughout the show.

One more thing that people should know is that we have been shooting Meat Man as a film!  We have been filming for well over a month and are proud to be releasing the trailer! It is turning out really great, and we are so excited that this is all coming together so well!  We have an amazing and dedicated cast that deserve a lot of recognition.

Written by:
Erin Davis and Eric Zrinsky

Michael Melton: Meat Man
Emily Grove: Violent Violet
Jo Anna Van Thuyne: Sheena
Nathan Edmondson: Narrator
Claire Halberstadt (choreographer)
Adam Nicolai
Ashley Villanueva
Willa Jaffe

Meet the Meat Man

Meat Man is finally being produced!! Expect to see this original musical hit the screens by the fall, as well as a live Philadelphia Fringe Festival production at the Walking Fish theater in Kensington.  Stay tuned for more details!

Reviewing the Interviews

“You must stick to your conviction, but be ready to abandon your assumptions.” Denis Waitley

Our team is currently in the post-interview portion of our documentary, Born & Raised. Our plan is to transcribe all of the interviews, so that we have a written form to peruse and analyze before the intense task of editing the first draft. The act of transcribing has given me opportunity to review the interviews and get my first real assessment of what we captured on film. Continue reading

Number 9 wins award at Accolade Competition!!

We wanted to share with you the press release for the award we won!


Philadelphia, PA, 4/12/10 – Erin Davis and Nathan Edmondson, of Reel 9 Productions, have won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Accolade Competition. The award was given for their exciting short film, Number 9, their first production together.  Erin and Nathan shot Number 9 at Eastern State Penitentiary in two days, with a budget of $500 and no additional crew save Andrew Alburn who composed the stunning score. Continue reading

Born and Raised: A Documentary

Several months ago, before Reel 9 Productions was formed, the three principal members began development of Born & Raised, a documentary on the changes that South Philadelphia has undergone in the last 80 years. Born & Raised follows three members of the Dattilo family, Italian-Americans who grew up largely in South Philly while several members were raised in the Dante School, an Italian-American orphanage and boarding school in Concordville, Pennsylvania.

While the filming has been rewarding in numerous ways, it has also provided us a realistic experience with the difficulties of producing a quality documentary.  Scheduling filming, harsh Winter snow storms, illness, and other obstacles have provided routine delays.  We had hoped to have all footage shot by February but estimates now place it closer to April.  Editing should take 6-8 weeks, and we expect an early Summer screening and premiere.