QFest Screens The Way to Kevin!

For those of you who don’t know, QFest is the largest LGBT Film Festival on the East Coast.  We were honored to be invited to screen our documentary at the festival and had an amazing experience.  It was an extremely professionally run event and everyone we met was very supportive and enthusiastic.  Our film became the top media pick and we got lots of exposure and were interviewed numerous times.  I have some of the press articles/reviews posted below:

Article in Philadelphia Inquirer
Article in City Paper
New York Metro- 3 Globes Review!

Sunday morning we attended the Director’s Brunch and met many of the wonderful filmmakers and staff of QFest.  We talked about our projects and ate large amounts of the best bacon I’ve ever tasted, and consumed a *few* mimosas to start the day off right.  Our film screened at the lovely Ritz East Theater in Old City.  We had a large crowd and were thrilled to sit through the film and listen to the audience react: laughing, murmuring, and being silent during the heavier moments.   We had a brief Q&A afterward and were approached by numerous people who were touched by Kevin’s story.

We also attended the closing night celebrations at the Underground Arts.  Great weekend!  Check out photos below:

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